Beijing Chapel Services

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"Experience true joy and love during your Olympic competition"

Olympic Silver medalist Nicola McDermott shares her keys of her Olympic experience with you!

"Overcoming disappointment"

In this messages, Dr. Sean Morris gives us 7 keys of how to deal with disappointment in a way that you can actually grow through it and come out with a different level of mental strength, resilience and spiritual depth.

"Faith & strength to go for gold"

In this Chapel Service - live for the Winter Olympics in Beijing - Pastor Trudie Morris talks about Proverbs 3:5-8 and encourages us to trust God completely from the bottom of our hearts and how this looks like in the life of an athlete.

"Shining under high pressure"

Nicola McDermott, Olympic silver medalist, shares her experiences of doing the will of God and how it will always affect the people around you, the community you're in and shape the nation you represent! 

"Finding the ultimate strength source!"

In today's message Olympic Chaplain Steve Sellers talks about the research of psychologists on the topic of the ultimate strength source - JOY! He backs it up with truths from the bible on joy and how you as an athlete can live in joy to reach your full potential and enjoy the moment you are in!


In this message, Olympic Chaplain and founder of Beyond Gold Jörg Walcher, talks about the right perspective and gives keys of how to live confidently and with Godfidence so you can handle pressure well!

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